No One Wants
A Boring Wedding

Well hello there Wedsters.

Lovely to see you dropping in to check out what Happily Hitched by Katie is all about. Chances are if you’re reading these words you’re recently engaged (woot!), and you and your partner are in the throes of wedding planning goodness (nice one!). 

You must be super excited, there is so much to look forward to- weddings are so awesome, a big celebration of love with the people who mean the most to you watching on.  One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is how different they can be as each couple who chooses to say “I Do”  is totally different to the next.  Your story, your vibe, your taste, your style.

There are so many fascinating and unique elements and nuances that make your love a total one off, and this is where finding a fun-loving and upbeat celebrant with a penchant for creative writing and a snazzy northern English accent who can shine the light on all things You Two is going to elevate your day no end. 

To be straight up, your ceremony should totally reflect your personalities, and should be cleverly written so that you are on a total love high as you kickstart your next chapter as newlyweds. It’s not just about a well written story though- it’s the delivery that makes it really come to life. I put a lot of effort into the expression, I am savvy with intonation, building excitement in the fun parts and then shaping the mood to match the more deeper and sentimental moments.  I take you and your guests on a journey, setting the tone for the day and getting the vibe high for you and your guests. 

Storytelling for Rad Couples

Ok so this is where the magic happens. When I say I take this seriously I truly do, I delve deep into the world of You Two.  Along our journey I’ll send out Love Questions to you both and I ask that you complete them separately (no peeking ok!), I throw all of my energy into finding out about the details and get to know you really well.  This, coupled with our unlimited video calls, hangs, chats and mutual socials following, I get a very clear picture of what you’re all about. 

I then get stuck into custom writing your ceremony and swirl all your juicy details and cool stuff that makes you “you” into a super awesome carefully curated love story.

It is the art of storytelling where I throw all my writing chips in and pull out all the stops to share a really cracking ceremony that makes you go all heart eyes, puts a big smile on your faces and has you and your guests loving every minute. 

Light hearted? Yes. With emotion? For sure. Gentle and with softness in the right places? Absolutely. 

I’m An Ideas Girl

As you’ve probably already gathered, it’s a big hell no to cookie cutter weddings, so I am all in about the creativity, personalisation and the elements that make your ceremony pop.  I am always open to new ideas, and have some sweet ones to bring to the mix.  Lucky Dip Witnesses, shots at the signing table, full crowd participation in a group “We Do” as your people give their collective support as you embark on married life, sharing your personal vows privately before the ceremony (a good one for the introverty-shy types out there!), grandparents as Flower Girls…

What’s Katie all about?

I’m a laid back English Kiwi gal who has been lucky enough to call Australia home for the last 15 years.  On a quest for zesty times I landed in Melbourne where I spent a fabulous decade before moving up to the Sunshine State where I truly found my happy place and became a registered celebrant. 

I’m naturally chipper and upbeat, love a bit of banter and have a glass half full attitude on life especially when I’m armed with an Aperol Spritz!  I live close to the Coast with my amazing foreverman Joad, his two rockstar boys and my ridiculously cute cat Pancake.



Three Is A Fabulous Crowd

If you are reading this and nodding your head in agreement, then shoot over some details and we can tee up connecting over a video call.  Easy!